The place known today as Café de Abajo or Can Duran was sent to build in 1780 by Jaume Grifol. The more than two centuries of operation, good service and a privileged location in the heart of the town, have made our Café de Baixo a reference point for those who come or go through Alella.

The time and location also explain the rooting of the alleles. After all, Can Duran has witnessed the ups and downs of his fellow citizens.

Can Duran also has a singular element that will always be in the memory of the Alleys of several generations: the “La Constancia” cinema.

This cinema that for more than fifty years made flying on Sunday afternoons to a bunch of people.

Finally we arrive, surely, in the fundamental element that explains the continuity in the time of Can Duran: his people and his kitchen of market, without pretensions, simple, if like this we understand the traditional kitchen, but abundant and at reasonable prices and served with Quickly, where the hand of cooks is so much used in a bread with tomato, a cheese salad or a delicious cod to the can with beans.